Daniel’s Golf Practice Routine

One of the great things about our house is its location just across the street from an open area that allows Daniel to have a golf practice routine where he can at least hit some short irons whenever the weather allows it. Practice like this is an important part of his effort to learn how to get better at golf.

We live in North Carolina, so it’s often warm enough to hit a few balls even during the winter months. When the weather is colder, we often take a look at some 2012 golf club reviews.

On the last day of 2011, Daniel and I went outside so he could hit some shots across the road.  I manned the video camera. Here he is hitting a pitching wedge.

When he was younger, Daniel could hit a three-wood or hybrid without worrying about the balls getting to some woods and a backyard just past the open area. Occasionally a wicked slice would find a lake, but it wasn’t really in range either.

Now, he can’t hit more than a seven-iron into the open space, which extends about 140 yards from our front yard.

Daniel doesn’t have a set golf practice routine. He usually goes outside, grabs five of six golf balls and whichever iron is handy.

You might think this is not the best strategy, because he doesn’t have a set order to practice. But it works for him because he does not feel any pressure to hit balls at any certain time.

Here’s Daniel hitting a nine-iron into a tree in the area across the street from our house.

Daniel’s golf practice routine often includes a trip to the range, which is about a half mile from our house. He usually practices the most with a club or clubs that he feels have been giving him some trouble lately.

If he hasn’t been getting of the tee very well lately, he will spend some time hitting his driver. If his iron shots have not been hitting many greens in regulation, he will hit plenty of shots with those clubs.

He also will take a few minutes to hit some chip shots if that area of his game has been a little off, but that does not happen often because he’s a pretty good around the greens. He likes to practice putting, as well. He will practice long and short putts in no particular order because you never know how long your putts will be once your out on the course.

It might seem like Daniel’s golf practice routine is not much of a routine at all, but I think he has found the a way of practicing that is best for his game right now. I want him to want to learn how to get better at golf. As long as that desire is there, I think he’ll continue to improve. After all, golf is a game, so I think it’s OK that he treats it that way.


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6 Responses to Daniel’s Golf Practice Routine

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  2. hannah says:

    Daniel is so cute and really good at this game! I guess you must be a great teacher!!

    • Steve says:

      Hi Hannah,

      Thanks, but I’m afraid I can’t take much credit. In fact, he’s already about as good as I ever was. Sometimes I want to tell him not to pay any attention to what I say. LOL.


  3. cham says:

    I’m not really a golfer but golf is becoming more interesting here through your site. I’m really having fun reading your blog and your son’s cool practice videos. Good Job!

  4. daniel says:

    Dad, no offense or anything, but I don’t really listen to you that often anyways.

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