Daniel Cleared by the Doctor to Play Golf

golf swing after injury

This is one of Daniel’s first golf swings after coming back from his broken collar bone.

About a month after Daniel broke his collar bone playing soccer, the doctor gave him the go-ahead this week to play golf. Now he is free to continue his efforts to learn how to get better at golf.

There was an anxious moment when the doctor told Daniel that he could not play sports for four weeks, but when Daniel asked about golf, the doctor clarified that he meant Daniel had to stay away from contact sports.

The timing couldn’t be better because practice for the varsity golf team starts this week. Most of the team that narrowly missed qualifying for the state tournament last year are back this season.

Daniel hit short iron shots today for the first time since the injury. Here’s video of Daniel hitting his first full wedge shot from “an undisclosed location” in front of our house.

Before long, Daniel was hitting the ball pretty well. In fact, several of his shots were about as before he was hurt. Here he is hitting a wedge shot that carried about 100 yards and nearly went into a lake across the street from our house.

Daniel said his golf team will probably go to the driving range tomorrow. He plans to hit his driver, woods and long irons then.

The team will have a week and day of practice before the players tee it up for their first golf match on March 6. The season lasts about two months.

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3 Responses to Daniel Cleared by the Doctor to Play Golf

  1. cham says:

    It’s a good news that Daniel can play golf now! At least golf is not as dangerous as some other sports.

  2. phil says:

    Thats good news, make sure he does an adequate warm up. I have just finished recovering from a back strain caused by not warming up properly.

  3. hannah says:

    Great news! I’m so glad Daniel feels better and can play again!

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