Daniel’s 2013 Golf Season Starts Today

Daniel’s 2013 golf season gets underway today with a match on his team’s home course. He hasn’t played much golf lately because he played on his school’s soccer and basketball teams this year so I expect it will take him a while to get into form.

Last year’s golf season didn’t end as well as he and his team hoped, but Daniel capped off his summer by winning the junior club championship.

This year’s season for Daniel’s school team is not as promising as it once was. Two of the top four players on last year’s team have transferred to different schools.

Before those moves, Daniel’s team likely would have been considered a contender for the state championship. Now, several members of the team, including Daniel, will have to step up their games to be sure the team is one of the top eight to qualify for the state tournament.

Daniel didn’t play well when the team played for seeding in today’s match so he might be playing as the third or fourth seed. One of the players who was on last year’s team now plays for one of the other school’s in today’s match, so I’m sure Daniel and the other players on his team want to play well.

I will be at the match, so I’ll update this post with the results of the match tonight.

UPDATE: Daniel played pretty well but was not putting well at all. He ended up shooting a 49, which is 13 over par on nine holes. He three-putted five of the nine holes and two-putted on the other four (although on one of those was from slightly off the green so it was technically a one-putt).

He had one par, five bogeys, a double bogey and two triple bogeys. He had four birdie putts and ended up three-putting for bogey on three of those holes. If he would have averaged a two-putt on every hole, he would have shot a 44. That’s not as good as he was playing at the end of last summer, but pretty good for the first match of the year.

The team lost the match by 20 strokes, but I expect all the players improve as the year goes on.


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