Golf Season Nearly Over, Tournaments Ahead

golf chip shot on a par 3

Daniel prepares to hit a chip after his tee shot came up short on a par 3 at Eagle Ridge Golf Course.

Daniel and his golf team have only one match left in the regular season. The team is playing well as the conference tournament and hopefully a spot in the state tournament are coming up.

Daniel’s team is in second place in its conference right now. They have beaten the number one team in two matches, but lost to them in three others.

The team is ranked fifth in the state in the 1-A classification right now. The top eight teams play in the state golf tournament.

The team played a non-conference match Tuesday at Eagle Ridge Golf Course. They beat one of the teams, but lost to the other.

Daniel played pretty well. He started the match with a slice into some deep rough, but smartly played the ball back to the fairway and ended up with a par 4.

That was one of two pars on the day to go with five bogeys and two double bogeys. He ended up with a 9 over par, 44.

Here’s a video of Daniel hitting a tee shot on a par 5 at Eagle Ridge. (Sorry it’s a little shaky, but I was trying not to let him see that I had the camera out.)

On Thursday, Daniel and his team played a conference match at Stryker Golf Course, the number one team’s home course. Five other teams also played.

Daniel’s team came in second, six shots behind the conference’s top team. Daniel was three over par through six holes and was trailing the best golfer in the conference by only a stoke.

Daniel bogeyed the last three holes to finish with a six over par, 42. The top player played the last three birdie, par, par to shot a 37.

Here’s Daniel hitting his tee shot on the first hole, which was the second hole his group played. He hit a high draw that started at some bunkers on the right and came back to the middle of the fairway. You can see it was a windy day, so 42 was a pretty good score.

The team plays a non-conference match Tuesday as warm-up for the conference tournament, which is the following Monday.

If they make it to the state golf tournament, it will be the next Monday and Tuesday.

Daniel’s team is hosting the conference tournament. The golfers on his team are pretty comfortable playing there, so I expect they will play well.

The state tournament is in Pinehurst on a course they have never played. I expect they will try to get in a practice round or two if they qualify.

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We’ll let you know how Daniel and the golf team do in their upcoming match and in the conference tournament.


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