Golf Team Off to a Good Start

Daniels’ varsity golf team is off to a good start this year in its quest to qualify for the state tournament. The team’s record is 17-3.

Daniel Prepares for a Chip Shot

Daniel just before he hit a chip shot during a recent match.

Three of the teams four matches have include seven or all eight of the teams in the conference. Daniel’s team came in third, second and first in those matches.

The first place was a good win because one of the teams in the conference returned all its players from last year’s team, which finished third in the state.

Daniel’s team won its other match, which was against one other team.

Here’s Daniel giving an overview of how the season is going so far. He also talks about how his golf game is going.

Here’s an outtake for comic relief. Daniel thought I was going to introduce him, probably because I had just said I was going to introduce him about 30 seconds earlier.

Daniel’s team has one or two matches this week and a number of matches left before the conference tournament and hopefully the state golf tournament. If his team continues to play well, they have a good shot at making it to the state tournament in Pinehurst.

Update: Daniel’s team lost to the best team in the conference in a match at that team’s home course. They were the only two teams in the match. Daniel said only one of the players on his team had a good match. It also was the first time most of the players on Daniel’s team had played that course.

Members of Daniel’s team rebounded to take first in a match involving five teams from the conference, including the team they lost to earlier in the week. The match was at another team’s home course.

Daniel said most of the golfers on his team played well that day. Five of the six players shot less than 50.

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2 Responses to Golf Team Off to a Good Start

  1. cham says:

    Congratulations to Daniel’s team! More to go!

  2. Steve says:

    Seems I uploaded the wrong video initially. I have posted the correct video now.

    Also, I have updated the post with the team’s most recent matches.

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