Daniel ends the school golf season, starts summer tournaments

Daniel’s school golf season didn’t end up as well as he hoped, but he and his team had a good year and now he has started playing in summer golf tournaments.

conference golf tournament

Daniel walks down the fairway of a par 5 during the conference golf tournament. His team placed second in the tournament.

Daniel played pretty well in his team’s conference tournament. I think he finished about 12th individually. His team came in second. Not bad considering that three of the top four players were eighth-graders and the other was a 10th-grader.

The team came in fifth in the state tournament, which is exactly where they were ranked pretty much all year.

Daniel didn’t play as well as he would have liked in the state tournament. He started terribly. Imagine the worst hole ever. It was worse.

He came back and played relatively well the rest of the first round, but he still shot a 99. The next day, he could never get his game together and ended up shooting a 101.

Daniel did have a few good holes in the tournament. Here is a video of a tee shot he hit on a par three.

The ball hit the green and ended up about five feet from the hole. He made the putt for a birdie.

But Daniel was not happy that his worst two rounds of the year came at the state tournament. Overall, though I think he learned a lot about how to handle such situations. I was proud of the way he hung in there even though he started off worse than he could have imagined.

Daniel joined the Tar Heel Youth Golf Association and has already played in two of their tournaments. He got off to another slow start in the first tournament, but played better on the back nine and finished tied for 10th.

In the second tournament, which was played on a par 3 course, Daniel played well except for two double bogeys and ended up with a nine-over-par score of 63.

The association also allows Daniel to keep up with his handicap. He puts his scores in for each round he plays.

He got a new set of irons for his birthday so he’s still getting used to them. We looked at 2012 golf club reviews and considered reasonably priced golf clubs in our search for clubs that he liked.

Daniel also has a new putter. He took a 30-minute lesson from the pro at the Wachesaw Plantation East golf course while we were on vacation. He says his putting has improved since the lesson.

Overall, Daniel’s game continues to improve. More importantly, he still enjoys playing the game and wants to keep learning how to get better at golf.

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